About Us

Fill It Tech

Temporary Construction Recruitment

Our Why!

Fill It was born through the frustrations of not being able to provide the service that companies and workers need and deserve within the constraints of traditional recruitment. Fill It was founded to tackle issues within Recruitment. 

Mission Statement

Profit from service, not from sales.

Beyond being a Recruitment app that generates revenue through bookings, Fill It is a company that is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to real-world problems. Through such dedication, we will reimagine the Staffing and Employment Industry.


As a Recruitment Consultant speaking to thousands of people every month, I could take the noes, swearing and abuse didn't bother me. As it's part and parcel with sales, you need a thick skin to play the numbers game, and I have that.   

Cost, Quality, Attendance  

Hearing these same issues over and over, I could empathise. Alas, their problem gave me a bigger problem, my conscience!  

"I Will Let You Down" 

The day the penny dropped, recruitment became difficult. I realised that every time I signed up a new client and strutted into the director's office, that relationship was actually at the beginning of the end. It became clear that it didn't matter how diligent I was, I was working in a broken system; and so, I will let them down.  

Recruitment ReImagined.

Frustrated and unsatisfied with providing a poor service when solutions were possible, Fill It was born!